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Three Important Tips for Obtaining a Multi-Combination Licence

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If you would like to advance your career in commercial transportation, you should think about obtaining a multi-combination licence. This type of licence will afford you more opportunities in haulage work because you will be allowed to handle road trains, trailer combinations and B-doubles. However, you will need to invest some time and money into receiving proper training for this type of driving. Here are basic guidelines to keep in mind when preparing for the acquisition of the MC licence. Read More»

A Simple Guide to Forklift Training

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Forklift training helps individuals acquire skills to safely and professionally operate forklifts. Forklifts are powered trucks equipped with a lifting platform (elevating load carrier) and fork arms. They are mainly used to lift, move and place or stack loads, especially at heights. Here’s what you need to know about forklift training: Why Do You Need Forklift Training? You need to learn how to operate forklifts safely and skillfully so that you become employed as a forklift operator. Read More»

Understanding The Different Driving Courses

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When you want to enrol in a driving course, you should at least have an idea of the kind of vehicle you want to drive and why. For example, you might just want to learn how to drive a typical saloon car to get by easily, while another person might want to learn how to drive and operate a large truck used for transporting heavy haulage. Different Driving Courses Depending on your needs, you might either enrol for driving courses that grant you one of the following licences:  Read More»