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Three Critical Guidelines for Preparing for Your HR Licence

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If you are interested in driving commercial vehicles as a career, you must plan on getting a heavy rigid licence. The HR licence is the perfect point to kick-start a life in the transportation industry. Usually, the vehicles under this grouping include heavy trucks and buses, mobile cranes, tractors, forklifts and general agricultural and construction vehicles. Therefore, you will have diverse options, depending on your long-term career interests. Here are some essential tips for preparing for an HR licence. 

Plan for Driving Classes

You should determine if you are eligible to learn how to handle a heavy rigid vehicle. These vehicles have multiple axles and high gross weight. Therefore, eligible drivers must have experience with driving lighter automobiles. You are eligible to learn as long as you have any lower class licence. However, some restrictions might apply to individuals with a basic car licence. 

Under ideal circumstances, a learner should choose a registered driving school for HR licence needs. An official training organisation will provide personalised classes, learning materials and application guidance. Still, you can learn from a qualified long-term holder of an HR licence if you prefer a less formal setting. The driver will act as your supervisor during the learning period. 

Compile the Documents

Prepare the documents you will need for the application for the HR licence. Usually, applicants need to fill out the official application for submission in person, but the specific rules can vary with the area of residence. Each application must be accompanied by the appropriate proof of identity. It is advisable to take several forms of identity and copies when applying as a precaution. 

Keep in mind that the approval for an HR licence requires the driver to pass an eyesight test and declare medical concerns. Heavy rigid vehicles are dangerous and can be a liability if the driver has an underlying disorder. Therefore, if you have a reportable condition that could impair mental or physical abilities, declare it as demanded in the legislation. 

Prepare for the Tests

Theory tests are not always a requirement when applying for an HR licence. If you have already earned a medium rigid licence, the written test might be waived. However, you should check with your instructor beforehand so you can prepare adequately. The practical driving test for heavy rigid vehicles can be a little daunting, but you can pass with appropriate precautions. Follow the basic rules on speeding, signage and checking the mirror. Also, try to drive with maximum consistency because the response time in large vehicles is longer. 

For more info about HR licences, contact a local company.