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A Simple Guide to Forklift Training

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Forklift training helps individuals acquire skills to safely and professionally operate forklifts. Forklifts are powered trucks equipped with a lifting platform (elevating load carrier) and fork arms. They are mainly used to lift, move and place or stack loads, especially at heights. Here's what you need to know about forklift training:

Why Do You Need Forklift Training?

You need to learn how to operate forklifts safely and skillfully so that you become employed as a forklift operator. You should also know that upon completion of forklift training, you are required to pass a forklift operation test so that you are issued with a licence that allows you to operate forklifts.

What Does Forklift Training Involve?

The training is divided into two main categories: the first section is theoretical training and the second is practical training. In the theory section, you are mainly taught important things you should know about operating and maintaining forklifts. This information might be shared with you verbally by a trainer or you might be required to read training booklets.

Whatever you learnt in the theory class is better understood in the practical training section because you get hands-on experience. You get to learn how to physically conduct pre-operation checks, operate the forklift, manage risks, move and stack loads, correctly wear PPE (personal protective equipment), etc.

After training is completed, you are assessed through theory and practical tests. You need to pass these tests to be allowed to operate forklifts. If you fail any test, you are required to redo it until you pass.

Are There Any Requirements?

Of course, you have to be 18+ years and have no impairment that could affect the way a forklift is operated. You might also be required to present proof of identity, which is usually your ID card. Depending on the training school you attend, you might be provided with PPE or be requested to buy your own. These mostly consist of steel cap boots. If there is anything else required, you will be informed or you might find it highlighted on the training school website.

Is a Forklift Training Course Expensive?

This depends on the level of training you require. There are different kinds of trainees: those who have no skill at all, those who have little skill and those who want an advanced course to gain skills for advanced forklifts. Of course, the prices of these courses differ, with the advanced forklift training being more expensive. However, you should consider the training as an investment since it helps you gain skills that lead to employment.