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Should You Reenlist for Forklift Training On an Occasional Basis?

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There is a wide variety of reasons why you may have chosen to become a forklift tradie. Most commonly, this is considered a reliable career since there will always be a demand for forklift operators. Additionally, by learning this skill and improving upon it each time you operate a forklift, you experience a sense of satisfaction with your work. However, some tradies may believe that since they have undergone forklift training, they never have to do it again. Read More»

Three Important Tips for Obtaining a Multi-Combination Licence

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If you would like to advance your career in commercial transportation, you should think about obtaining a multi-combination licence. This type of licence will afford you more opportunities in haulage work because you will be allowed to handle road trains, trailer combinations and B-doubles. However, you will need to invest some time and money into receiving proper training for this type of driving. Here are basic guidelines to keep in mind when preparing for the acquisition of the MC licence. Read More»